Membership and associated dues helps build our collection, provide services and add expertise.

Member Benefits

  • Use of the research rooms during Wednesdays
  • Free research requests which the volunteers will process each Wednesday
  • A free copy of the “Gipps-Land Gate”, published twice a year
  • Regular updates, newsletters and notices of upcoming events either by email or post
  • Attending Executive Committee Meetings
  • Voting at the Annual General Meetings
  • Access to all Minutes of Meetings.

Costs (inc GST) July to June
To all members

We have had to increase our membership fees this year, to cover postage charges and other costs.

Renewal notification will be sent out in July each year

  • Individual membership is now $27.00pa, (up from $25)
  • Family membership is now $36.00pa, (up from $34)
  • Gipps-Land Gate Subscriber only is now $22.00pa, (up from $20)

Please find attached a copy of the latest Subscription renewal form.  If renewing by bank transfer don't forget to write in your name as the Reference. Please note that Gipps-Land Gate subscribers don't usually attend meetings or visit our Rooms.  If you are an active DDHS member, that is not an option for you.

Renewal of Annual Subscription Form 2018-2019

To join, simply complete the online Membership Form 2018-2019